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Gjakova Gjakov10
Gjakova is a very beautiful place in southeastern Kosovo. It is situated 360 m high above the sea level and is a must to visit place including center and villages around. Gjakova Municipality, the main town and its 84 villages, cover an area of 512 km2. Approximately 150.000 people live in this municipality, 90.000 in town and around 60.000 in villages. It has a peculiar climate with rainfalls during the winter and dryness during the summer.
Krena is a river that crosses through the whole town, it is quite clean and there is water especially during the rainy seasons. Ereniku, Drini and Lukaçi are rivers that also cross through this area.
According to legend the place where today Gjakova lays used to be Jak Vujaj’s property that was convinced by a priest to give the land in order Hadumi’s mosque to be built, and then the whole city. In the beginning Gjakova was a village of a great trade importance. Its relevant position, the ancient road Via di Zenta crossed through Gjakova, enabled it to trade in with many important countries, starting from Istanbul to Shkodër, and other Balkan important centers.
As a city it was constituted during the Ottoman Empire.
From the beginning Gjakova was important trade where goods from Malësi (highland) were interchanged with goods from Dukagjini but also with other places where they sell handcrafts and bought salt, sugar, cloths est.
Craftsmanship was highly developed and in the name of two most successful ones, Tabakët dhe Terziajt, there are bridge named after them, even today they are in good condition.
During the last war in 1999, Gjakova was quite damaged economically, there were lack of investments right after and most of social enterprises are in the list to privatize. Besides, very interesting ground to be explored, with its uniqueness that is not common for other places, quite rich culturally and full of love that its people preserve for it.

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