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Post by NG™ on Sat Mar 19, 2011 2:33 am

Climate changes, paedological and hydrographical, have influenced the diversity of plant and animal world. In the transitional zone from field towards the hill, you face the community of acacia, then the white mulberry, black mulberry, black oak, plane-tree, Canadian poplar, Japanese plant, bay, American ash-tree, etc.
In the hill areas, the community of beech is widespread.
Within the generation of deciduous trees (900-1500m), the mixed communities with evergreen trees start first, while then begins the generation of evergreen trees: juniper (red fir), fir, black pine, white pine.
The chestnut community, as indicative of the impact of Mediterranean climate, continues by the edges of Bjeshket e Nemuna mountains through Strellci I Eperm to Peja (in Zatra).
At the altitude of around 1500m, starts the area of mountain pastures that rise up to 2200m altitude. At the pasture area, you can find blueberry, a plant which gives healthy fruits.
Hilly-mountain area is very rich with fauna. In the plains and hilly area where forests extend (such as Lipovica, Klecka, etc.) lives roe, boar, deer and rabbit. From birds in this plains-hilly area, you can find raven, magpie, rose-coloured starling, field sparrow, woodpecker, dove, turtledove, field grouse, quail, pheasant, etc. In the mountainous region, where forests extend, live the brown bear, mountain goat, boar, wolf, golden dormouse, white dormouse, fox, roe, big and small wildfowl, quail, squirrel etc. Bear can be more found in the mountainous area of the Albanian Alps, in Shar, Mokne, etc.
For hunting tourism, more suitable are the forests of Lipovica (Blinaja and Klecka), not far from Lipjan. As for the aquatic fauna, you can hunt: river trout, eel, catfish, carp, bleak, scrofula, gudgeon, etc.

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