Early History and the Middle-Ages

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Early History and the Middle-Ages Empty Early History and the Middle-Ages

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The Kosovo area was located in the eastern side of Illyria bordering on Thrace in century 4 BC. At that point in time, Kosovo was inhabited by the Thraco-Illyrian tribes of Dardania. In the distant ancient past, Dardania was the name of Kosovo’s region and was formed as a part of the Roman province of Moesia. The Balkans area was captivated within the Byzantine Empire in the 850’s after 6th and 7th century migrations took place in the area. The control of the Byzantine was then reasserted by Emperor Basil II who was known to be very forceful and powerful. Kosovo remained in the Serbian Empire from 1346 to 1371 as it was immersed into Serbia towards the end of the 12th century. The Serbian Prince army was defeated by the Ottoman Turks in the well-known Battle of Kosovo in 1389; the Ottoman Turks finally took control over the territory of Kosovo in the year of 1455.

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