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The 1990's Empty The 1990's

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Throughout the 1990’s, armed unrest and ethnic tension rose as a result of the escalated nationalism among the division of Yugoslavia and the suspension of the Kosovo Assembly by Serbia. Ibrahim Rugova was elected as president of the republic that was self-proclaimed by the ethnic Albanians of Kosovo in disobedience with the Serbian authorities
1998 – Open clash and conflict took place between the Serbian Police and the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) a group which was made up of Albanian that were aggravated by president Rugova’s “passive resistance” strategy. The Serbian terrorists were labeled as “Serbia” by the KLA, requiring and demanding Kosovo to separate from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and gain its freedom.
1998 - September – An ultimatum to bring an end to the attacks on Kosovo Albanians was given by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to Milosevic.
1999 - NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia took place between the period of March 24 and June 10, 1999, for the duration of which NATO attacked Serbia and Albanian paramilitaries the aggression with the Yugoslav forces. At that time an enormous displacement of approximately 1 million people of the Kosovar population took place.
1999 –Milosevic surrendered and accepted the peace conditions on June 3rd, 1999 where following this action, KFOR –a NATO force, started entering Kosovo. NATO’s mission was solely based on peacekeeping although it was preparing conflict conduct operation. An estimated of 12,000 victims were rooted by the war and 13,368 civilians were missing one year following the conflict.

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