The Natural Wonders of Albania

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The Natural Wonders of Albania Empty The Natural Wonders of Albania

Post by NG™ on Sat Dec 13, 2014 11:52 pm

Albania has been chosen amongst this year’s top 10 travel destination and it’s expected that its tourism numbers will increase even more than they have in recent years. According to the country’s Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, tourism has increased by 1,000 percent in the last ten years.
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It’s no wonder since Albania is indeed a great travel destination for tourists who love both nature and culture. People from Albania are descending from the first settlers who occupied Europe and the Mediterranean region, the Illyrians.
Travelers who are interested in visiting Albania are looking towards great mountains, amazing beaches, rivers and lakes and an overall virgin nature that has been, in time, visited by many civilizations that left great archeological places behind them.
The country’s natural bliss can also be seen in the resources Albania has, ranging from oil, natural gas, gold, copper, nickel, chrome ore and many more, together with the fact that the country has been ranked at the top seeing its potential of producing 100 percent green energy.
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The Tropoje mountains in Albania are said to have the cleanest air in the world, thus this destination won’t only be great for a traveler’s heart, but also for his health.
With its crisp, clean air and snow-capped mountains, Tropoje Albania is a vision for the soul.With more and more travelers looking to take a breather from pollution, it’s no surprise that destinations are starting to boast about having the world’s cleanest air.
Tropoje is 0ne of the most beautiful and striking mountain chains in the world, which rise above the surrounding land like islands of rock in a sea of green.
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Each of the  major gruppos stands alone, each to be enjoyed like a sculpture from all angles, set apart from one other by deep channels of river Valbona, and Drini valleys and connected by some of the most breathtaking passes in the world.
The rock soars near vertical, forming towers, spires, castles, and battlements, the pockmarked cliffs and frequent shrouds of mist lending a tattered medieval atmosphere.
Nature has definitely smiled upon this remote spot on Earth and that so much of it remains untouched by human habitation is, perhaps, Tropoje’s biggest attraction.
It can’t be appreciated through the window of a tour bus, one must get out to explore the National Parks, stand on one of those spectacular mountains peaks and breathe some of the cleanest air in the world or, deep in the  forest in place call Sylbica, Doberdol , sit by a waterfall and watch the fine mist settle on those magnificent giant trees.
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If you love food, you’ll be in heaven here. Taste the local wild  honey, it’s the best anywhere, or dip your bread in olive oil and ‘bush dust’, a delicious concoction of various herbs and spices.

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